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I met Pete over 16 months ago when my Daughter decided I was too much of a couch potato and needed to exercise. This was probably true, I was 61 and way over 18 stone and had not really exercised for a number of years. Pete turned up and gave me the 'taster' session and frankly I have not looked back. Pete has turned up to my house every week since then and my training session has become a way of life. It has had a massive effect on my fitness and well being. I have shed 4 inches off my waist and become a lot fitter and healthier. It has also improved my stamina around the golf course.
Ian (Personal Training)


Pete has helped with the nutrition side of health and well being and reminded of the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle. The sessions are tough ( which they should be) and I can honestly say I feel great after. Pete has also become a friend and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for 

any couch potatoes out here who really need to get fitter.

Clive (Personal Training)

Great training done in a way that all levels can benefit from. A lovely, enthusiastic teacher...worth every penny!

Emily (Boot Camp)

Pete's class is great - tough but a good balance of circuit moves and some running - he knows his stuff and is a good motivator

Venessa (Boot Camp)

Will be back for more! Great to be outside getting fit

Sarah (Boot Camp)

I can honestly say that I have never felt fitter or healthier than I do right now. I feel lethargic and sluggish if I miss a session.....thanks Flash!!!

Luisa (Boot Camp)

A great way to exercise...surrounded by wonderful beaches & a supportive trainer. Pete's classes are hard work but fun. You get out what you put in!! Pete gives good honest advice & support and is encouraging through all stages of fitness, from beginners to advanced.

His enthusiasm & belief in all his class members is very rewarding. Would highly recommend Flash Fitness to all!! Thanks Pete.

Kirstin (Boot Camp)

Pete was recommended to me by my daughter who used his Boot Camp. I wanted one on one sessions and can only say that they have been a really positive experience for me. My body shape has improved hugely and I have lost some weight. Of course, if I could manage my eating as well as Pete manages my exercise I would be very slim indeed!

I know without Pete pushing me I would never have made this improvement in my fitness level and the sessions are always a laugh, if not exactly fun!!!

Angie (Personal Training)

At the age of 61 I was unfit,overweight with high blood pressure. Pete took the time to understand my goals and motivations. I have now lost nearly 4 stone , my blood pressure is down I am fit enough to play six games of golf in six days.Happy Days !!!

Ian (Personal Training)

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