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Whether you are working out or not, what you eat and how you fuel your body will affect your weight and your body shape. It can be a minefield with so many "fad" diets on the market and convenience food seemingly available everywhere you look.

However, the basic principles are actually very simple. I feel it's important that any change in diet needs to be realistic & sustainable. This is why so many diets fall by the wayside, people simply don't enjoy them. For years we have all got used to eating a certain way.

Is it realistic to make drastic immediate dietary changes and stick to them? No, almost certainly not.

After studying your food diary, I will make realistic, sustainable tweaks and changes to your diet & how you eat on a monthly basis.

This will help you achieve your goals according to your lifesyle. Everyone is different so there is no set "plan".

The plan is catered exclusively for YOU and includes the "eat clean, live lean" recipe book.

Advice is also available for Nutrition for Sports & Exercise. Eating & drinking correctly before, during & after exercise is key to optimal performance and fast recovery. Whether this be for a simple run, a specific sports event, a routine exercise session or a game of golf or football.

I can advise you on the correct intake and timings that will make ALL the difference to your performance!

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