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6.30am @ Boscombe Pier & 6.45pm @ Southbourne Beach

£24.00 per Month

You just need to turn up and bring with you suitable footwear (trainers), suitable clothing (loose & layers), water and a towel.

The sessions last for approx 45 mins.

Don’t worry about your current level of fitness as it's catered for all types.

Don’t worry about what others are doing, it’s all about improving yourself.

Circuits vs. Plyometric vs. Cardio

An awesome all over body mix that will knock you into shape, hammer the calories and give fat a good kicking plus raise your resting metabolic rate.

Serious calorie burn (400-600+ in 45 minutes can be achieved)

All Over Body Workout

Muscle Tone. Improved VO2 Max & Cardio Vascular Ability.


"Great training done in a way that all levels can benefit from.

A lovely, enthusiastic teacher...worth every penny!"


"Pete's class is great - tough but a good balance of circuit moves and some running - he knows his stuff and is a good motivator"

"Will be back for more! Great to be outside getting fit"


I can honestly say that I have never felt fitter or healthier than I do right now. I feel lethargic and sluggish if I miss a session.....thanks Flash!!!


A great way to exercise...surrounded by wonderful beaches & a supportive trainer. Pete's classes are hard work but fun. You get out what you put in!! Pete gives good honest advice & support and is encouraging through all stages of fitness, from beginners to advanced.


His enthusiasm & belief in all his class members is very rewarding.

Would highly recommend Flash Fitness to all!! Thanks Pete.

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