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Drinking "Magic" Shakes, Juices, Potions, Detox Drinks

15 Minute Ab Workouts and Various Other Short Commercial Workouts

Fad Diets, Crash Diets, Detox Diets, No Carb Diets and anything else that is Unsustainable

Wrapping your Body in Expensive Body Wraps !

Endless Cardio Sessions and Ignoring Strength & Bodyweight Training

Relying on Supplements but NOT Hard Work, Sacrifice & Patience

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Be in a Calorie Deficit - Eat Less than you Burn

Do Strength / Bodyweight Exercises  3 - 5 Times a Week

Do "Some" Cardio but Don't Just Rely On Cardio Sessions

Be Consistent, Make it a Lifestyle, Build Healthy Habits, Work Hard

Get Good Quality Sleep - Around 6 to 8 Hours a Night

Be Patient - Progress Takes Time