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"If you are determined, disciplined & work hard....then you are guaranteed success"

That's just one of the things I love about exercise & nutrition.

Unlike so many things in life, the hard work that you put in will guarantee you results.

Whether it be shedding a few pounds, toning up or training for a specific event. Having been a "gym addict" for over 20 years, I understand the difficulties people face in joining a gym or trying to get in dhape. Time constraints, travel & value for money make it difficult to commit.

As a Rep's Registered Personal Trainer for 7 plus years, what better & cheaper way to get fit than to have someone give you

personal instruction & undivided attention in your own home. All you need to do is get changed!

Apart from my fitness obsession, I played Semi Pro Football for the best part of 20 years,

am a FA Qualified Football Coach & ran the London Marathon.

All my training is catered to individual needs & goals. No two people are alike and my training plans

are designed specifically for YOUR needs, YOUR aims & YOUR goals.

Best part of my job? Seeing how much difference it makes to peoples lives & well-being when they realise
the hard work has paid are allowed to be selfish, this is all about YOU.

Torso Training & Core Stability

Client Psychology & Motivation
Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
GP & Exercise Referral Qualified

FA Qualified Coach 

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Keiser (Cycling) M3 Qualified 


Personal Training (Level 3)    

Advanced Instruction (Level 3)


Gym Instruction (Level 2)

Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutrition 4 Sports & Exercise

Circuit Training


Spinning Certified

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